Kate Hardie

“Who thinks the thought, who plans the plan, who tells the story, who sets the tone – makes a huge difference. Their experience of the world, of being human within it – shapes how they write, philosophise, what they think is important – and, of course how they make films. I am desperate for stories told by different voices: white, cis, hetero, middle-aged and middle class men have been the dominant voice in cinema since it began and they still are in 2016.

Like all of us, I hope the F-Rating becomes a thing of the past: that there will be a time when there will be so many different types of people telling cinematic stories that we won’t have to point out those written by, directed by and starring women, but for now it is a much needed marker to give us the audience a chance to choose when we want a different voice speaking to us, when we want to see the world through different eyes.”