Wales One World Film Festival

WOW has been celebrating the riches of world cinema since 2001, bringing an eclectic, intriguing, and moving selection of films from around the globe to cinemas across Wales.  WOW presents a selection of the very best in world cinema – and sometimes a film from Wales too.

The films are my choices, personal, idiosyncratic, occasionally perverse or wayward. But I hope that all tell powerful stories that illuminate our world and the way we live now. Stories of the dilemmas people face, the choices they make, and the consequences of those choices. I hope that some of these stories will linger long in the memory giving you something to reflect on till the next year’s crop comes along for your enjoyment.

From time to time we organise screenings and events outside the festival period that we hope reach out to new audiences bringing together different groups of people in various ways.


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