PoetryFilm is the influential research art project and screening series founded by Zata Banks FRSA in 2002, to celebrate experimental text/image/sound screening and performance artworks, and to explore semiotics and meaning-making within the art form. PoetryFilm was founded through personal practice, and through an interest in the creation, communication, perception and experience of emotion and meaning.


Since 2002, PoetryFilm has produced 90 events at cinemas, galleries, literary festivals and academic institutions (…). In 2014, Arts Council England funded the cataloguing of the entire PoetryFilm Archive, which at present contains over 1,000 artworks. (…) In December 2015, The British Film Institute awarded funding to curate and produce 3 PoetryFilm Paradox events for the BFI LOVE season. PoetryFilm is one of the British Council‘s listed Experimental Film organisations, is an accredited member of Film Hub London, part of the BFI Audience Network, and holds a trademark awarded by the Intellectual Property Office.


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