February 17, 2021

Girls On Film Podcast – Is Wonder Woman 1984 a feminist film?

Joining Anna Smith’s Girls On Film Podcast for a lively Wonder Woman 1984 debate are Empire critic Helen O’Hara and F-Rating’s Holly Tarquini.

They first discuss Helen’s new book Women vs. Hollywood: The Fall and Rise of Women in Hollywood, which is available from February 18th 2021. Helen shares some surprising facts on women’s roles in silent cinema and celebrates the increasing number of opportunities for women in film today.

Perhaps representative of this positive change is the rebooted Wonder Woman franchise, helmed by Patty Jenkins. The newest instalment is Wonder Woman 1984, it’s a fluorescent sequel that sees Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) face two new villains: Barbara (Kristen Wiig) and Max Lord (Pedro Pascal). A female-led superhero film co-written and directed by a woman sets the groundwork for a surefire feminist success, but does it hit the mark? With opposing opinions, Anna, Helen and Holly debate everything from how the film tackles sexual harassment to the backstories of the villains.

Decide for yourself by renting Wonder Woman 1984 on demand.

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