Women’s Film & Television History Network

Women’s Film & Television History Network-UK/Ireland exists to support and disseminate research into women’s historical roles up to the present in screen media. We are a group of researchers, teachers, archivists, collections managers, students and practitioners, whether in the industry, independent or amateur.

Our aim is to ensure that all forms of women’s work in cinema and television, present and past, is properly recognised. Our activities include: new research, historical and contemporary including work examining women’s below-the-line roles in areas such as foley recording, set design and hair and make-up. We aim to develop new approaches to film and television sensitive to class and race alongside gender and support the preservation and exhibition of women’s filmmaking.
We have, since 2011, organised a biannual conference Doing Women’s Film History which, in 2015, gave rise to its first published collection: Doing Women’s Film History. Reframing Cinemas, Past and Future.

We are delighted to be one of the F-rating’s allies.


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