Bitch Flicks

Bitch Flicks is a website devoted to reviewing films and television through a feminist lens. They’re interested in conversation about movies – good and bad – and the roles that women play in them. They strongly believe that movies both shape and reflect social values, and that the post-feminist leanings of many women today are misguided.

They love movies and watch so many that they thought they’d try to turn their movie-watching into something productive. What they don’t love about movies, however, is how rarely they see smart, complex women represented.

They – and you – know all too well the kind of women’s movies out there: chick flicks. When asked to describe a “chick flick,” perhaps the first definition that comes to mind is that it’s a movie a man wouldn’t want to watch. And a movie many women wouldn’t want to watch, incidentally, either. A majority of so-called serious films today – and in the past – are shockingly unconcerned about women, and some seem to exist in a world completely inhabited by men. Yet women are generally expected to see and like these “great” films.

Bitch Flicks seeks to bridge the gulf between these two extremes. They want to give women a unique voice, and they want to engage women and men in conversations about persistent sexism in film. They also wish to publicly demand that Hollywood and filmmakers across the United States and the world stop pandering to inaccurate and sexist views about who women are and what women want – in regard to movies, at least.



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