September 5, 2017

Alex Stolz: Season 1, Episode 6, Holly Tarquini, F-Rated

Films with female protagonists do better at the box office – but that doesn’t encourage Hollywood to make more films like this Holly Tarquini

Bath Film Festival Director, Holly Tarquini is the creator of F-Rated, the major campaign to change gender inequality in film that has recently been adopted by IMDB. We discuss the origins of F-Rated, how it works in practice and why and how it differs from the Bechdel Test. Holly also talks about the breakthrough IMDB deal, why representation on screen still matters and how F-Rated films are more popular with IMDB users.

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Selected highlights and links

  • 2:30 The Bechdel Test and the origins of F-Rated
  • 7:25 Is Moana F-Rated?
  • 9:54 The F-Rated – IMDB partnership
  • 13:19 F-Rated and return on investment
  • 18:31 Public funding and its role in creating diversity
  • 30:14 the power of representation

In this episode you will discover:

  • The origins of F-Rated and how it was set up
  • How F-Rated differs from the Bechdel Test
  • How F-Rated films perform at the box office
  • How IMDB have adopted F-Rated
  • Why Finding Nemo gets it wrong
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