American Honey

Our gold standard

Triple F-Rated films have significant women on screen in their own right AND they are written AND directed by women. This is our gold standard of F-Rating. Here is a very small selection

American Honey

Directed by Andrea Arnold

Written by Andrea Arnold

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Directed by Margot Benacerraf

Written by Margot Benacerraf, Pierre Seghers

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Baden Baden

Directed by Rachel Lang

Written by Rachel Lang

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Bridget Jones’s Baby

Directed by Sharon Maguire

Written by Helen Fielding, Emma Thompson, Dan Mazer

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Burn Burn Burn

Directed by Chanya Button

Written by Charlie Covell

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Directed by Kirsten Johnson

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Certain Women

Directed by Kelly Reichardt

Written by Kelly Reichardt, Maile Meloy

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Directed by Vera Chytilov√°

Written by Vera Chytilov√°

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Dare to be Wild

Directed by Vivienne de Courcy

Written by Vivienne de Courcy

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Driving with Selvi

Directed by Elisa Paloschi

Written by Elisa Paloschi

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Directed by Meera Menon

Written by Amy Fox

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Light Years

Directed by Esther May Campbell

Written by Esther May Campbell

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Directed by Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami

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The Second Mother

Directed by Anna Muylaert

Written by Anna Muylaert

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Two Women

Directed by Vera Glagoleva

Written by Svetlana Grudovich, Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina

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